• Temel Building Company was founded in 1983 by Temel Akdağoğlu to provide various engineering and contracting services. From early years following its foundation activities the company focused on house projects, factory assemblies and steel structures. Thanks to the growth of business volume after 1990, it completed the house projects of the pioneering public and private institutions, dams, substructure, motorways, pipe lines, treatment plants, sport complexes, cultural centers and factory installation with superior quality before its delivery time. Then the company undertook new works with an increasing density. 

  • Today, in construction sector, the standards and quality of Temel Building Company are mentioned. Temel Building Company, which has fulfilled its promises before its time, has determined the quality as a priority. 

  • It has increased equipments and machines depending on current technological developments with its expert staff including administrators, mechanists, more than 30 engineers and expert counselors. The company contributes to the economy of our country by providing employment opportunities to approximately 500 people together with its solution partners, with its growing machinery park and increasing capital. 

  • In the 21st century, we aim that our company strengthens more institutional structuring with expert staff, achieves bringing synergy with its internal and external strategic partners, profits from all opportunities of technological and modern administration and above all improves with our country. 



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Kavacık Quarter Zafertepe Street No:23

34810 Beykoz/İstanbul

Phone: 0216 537 84 84

Fax: 0216 537 84 87


Tahtakale Quarter Temel Business District No:6 16040 Osmangazi / Bursa

Phone: 0224 221 04 06

Fax: 0224 223 23 86

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